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Natural dyeing services
Ecotintes natural dyeing service , an alternative natural dyed and printed for demanding users, producing original and attractive colors, textiles healthy and sustainable environment-friendly, without harmful chemicals to health in their processes. Natural dyes do not mutilate the benefits of natural and organic fibers.

Tradition and sustainable innovation
We use traditional techniques, innovative technology and research to develop equipment and processes for minimal or no environmental impact.

Fair trade and Organic production
Dye plants grown, organic and in transit, are also a good alternative for farmers who join a chain of organic and fair trade.

Alpaca Yarns

Alpaca Raw en madejas

Handspun alpaca, very soft and brightly colored Excellent thermal insulation. In 350gramos for making skeins and skeins of 100grams

Garment natural dyeing

Tintura prendas

The dyed with natural dyes of finished garments or components, produces a valued aesthetic effect, the process may include the spacing and / or blockage.

Yarn natural dyeing

Tintura hilos color índigo

Dyeing in skeins, the technique has the advantage of not abusing the yarn prevent  friction and pressure damages; processed under minimal tension.


Muestra shibori alpaca

Shibori dyeing technique is mainly applied to clothing and fabric cuttings. Is to "block" some areas of the material to prevent it from being dyed.

Natural silkscreen print

Estampado natural pulpo

Why natural silkscreen? Because conventional textile printing is dangerous for the environment, workers and consumers.

Why natural dyes?

Colores en armonia con la naturaleza

Because they are better than synthetic dyes. Indeed, the natural dyes are better products, simply because they do not contain chemicals harmful to health.