The Project

Dangerous Dyes

Although common sense tells us that natural dyes are better than synthetic dyes chemical industry wastes no time promoting its products, has even launched a campaign called OEKOTEX confusion, which is not simply the promotion of "Confidence in Textiles" by an association of manufacturers of chemical dyes and have the merit of having ruled out the production of azo-dyes,

About us

We had in hand the organic tangüis cotton cultivated in the valley of Cañete , located south of Lima , Peru . And we had to solve how to color it. The alternative was the reactive dyes, the less dangerous segment of the used ones by the textile industry.

Ecotintes water cycle

Riego cultivo plantas tintóreas con efluentes

Water is used in the extraction phase, the dyeing phase and rinsing of excess unfixed dye into the fibers. The water source is an artesian well, do not use treated water for human use.

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