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Why ecotintes starts?

We had in hand the organic tangüis cotton cultivated in the valley of Cañete , located south of Lima , Peru . And we had to solve how to color it. The alternative was the reactive dyes, the less dangerous segment of the used ones by the textile industry.

Tangüis appreciated and traditional variety of Peruvian cotton, that had its apogee in the middle of 20 th century , when the harvest and international price of "oroblanco"(whitegold) marked the economic situation of Peru .

When touching it its smoothness feels, it is perceived its ancestral spirit. When working it, its natural affinity with dyes and their excellent resistance is verified. And one concludes that this product of highest natural value cannot be processed with chemical agents that will contaminate and deteriorate it fiber and the environment. Why to corrupt the clean organic cotton, cultivated without pesticides nor chemical installments, with carcinogenic amines, putting in risk the workers of the sector and consumers. Why to generate remainders that contaminate the water sources, if there are friendly alternatives with people and the environment.

It was necessary to change the approach, we had to prepare the fiber of organic cotton with appropriate methods with the way it had been cultivated, it was precise to continue with the organic chain.

Thus ecotintes emerge, whose mission is indeed to give a healthful and environmentally sustainable continuity to the organic cotton and by extension to other fibers, by using natural dyes.

Today ecotintes is a reality, it has developed an enterprise philosophy based on the research and permanent innovation and has a clear vision of the future where the natural dyes are recognized like most healthful, and for that reason our motto is: natural colors, colors of the future.

Come to our adventure by the natural colors, you also could be a partner of this project.

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