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Ecotintes accessories is the forward coupling of the production chain of organic textiles fair trade. A group of mothers of Chancay Peru are responsible for designing and weaving "accessories" with the threads of ecotintes.

The yarn Hand Cottone ecotintes summarizes the philosophy combines the softness, strength and natural shine tangüis cotton, with the amazing hues of natural dyes.

Hand Cottone is a heavy or superheavy thread, 60 grams to 80 grams per 100 yards. Suitable for warm clothing, soft and comfortable to skin contact. With good fall and texture due to exceptional irergularidades manual spinning.

The production line is also integrated with "Sand People", an organization that "is" weaves "in the workshops AntiVir themselves with talks aimed at guiding people to discover their own resources to build solutions that to meet its objectives, to develop trust and solidarity between neighbors and the environment. The vision is to communities with a strong sense of belonging and worthiness ... involved in a continuous process of development and creative movement to bring prosperity for all residents. Communities that care to know themselves and jointly efficient. "