Natural silkscreen print

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Estampado natural pulpo

Why natural silkscreen? Because conventional textile printing is dangerous for the environment, workers and consumers.

Using plastisol is hazardous to the environment, for workers in the printing industry and for garments worn by children in particular.
The paste is applied to fabric or garments using the technique of screen printing or silk screen (silk painting), in effect using a tight frame in which a silk or mesh, which has a certain amount of openness between the wires which allows the passage of the paste, for space that became free after blocking those where it is desired that the ink is transferred to the fabric.

Block technique can be varied, but usually is to use a photosensitive emulsion is applied over the mesh in a thin layer, then when fully dry is heatstroke (exposed to bright light) interposing a translucent image of what you want print, this may be a particular plate. With this we have to stamp box. The printing paste may be soluble in water or chemical solvents.

Our printing paste is composed of a support 100% natural and concentrates of natural dyes, it is done in an intense and defined dyed fabric, securing the link color and fiber using a heat source means, then clothes are washed to remove excess and the final product is a printed without relief and soft feel.

Ecotintes offers 3 bright colors in prints.