Pre columbian dyes: natural wealth

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The colors of the Future
If something stands out in pre-Columbian textile history is colorful, surprisingly preserved for over a millennium. The ancient Peruvians worshiped the Sun, the creator god of light and energy that allows humans to find a complex culture built color, without which life would be nothing less than gray. Columbian dyes came from the majestic natural wealth in the realms of plant, animal and mineral in a territory that had everything an ancestral dyer wished.

Peru has a globally unique biodiversity. No fewer than 84 of the 104 life zones of the planet. Of the 25,000 species of flora of the country know the properties and uses only 4.230 of them.

The raw materials were obtained where the colors have been the subject of many studies determined the use of cochineal, indigo, antanco, chilca, molle, Mullaca, the genus Rubiaceae blonde Relbunium and Galium, tara as a source of tannins and gallic acid, aluminum and iron salts